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Trinity Christian Academy

Building a foundation for a solid future

Trinity Christian Academy values all students and parents who seek to provide the very best for their children. The formative and adolescent years are incredibly significant in the development of each student.

An education at Trinity is geared toward helping each student build a solid foundation for a successful future.

For 50 years, Trinity has educated students both scholastically and spiritually. The school's dedication to graduating students with integrity, discipline and an ability to think clearly and biblically is proven through its commitment to teaching and requirement to live honorably.

The lower division consists of K-3 through 6th grade, with highly qualified, certified teachers providing a strong foundation for education, spirituality and life skills development. The program is enhanced by chapel, music, physical education, Spanish, technology, athletics andthe library.

The upper division encompasses seventh through 12th grade. Teachers are well equipped in instructing their students academically, spiritually and socially, with the primary academic purpose of preparing students for college.

Trinity has one of the strongest dual enrollment programs in Northeast Florida. This program was created with the goal of allowing students to make great strides toward earning an AA degree while in high school.

Trinity's class of graduating seniors is awarded nearly $2 million annually in scholarships to universities and colleges throughout America. Athorough guidance counseling program helps students stay on track and learn about scholarship opportunities.

Trinity boasts a long list of successful graduates, which include state politicians, community leaders, musicians, military personnel, professional athletes, physicians, lawyers, educators and doctoral researchers.

For admissions questions or to schedule a tour, contact Janette Cosson, Admissions Director, at (904) 596-2337.

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Trinity Christian Academy

800 Hammond Blvd.
Jacksonville , FL
United States
Phone: (904) 596.2337
Fax: (904) 596.2531
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